Sunday Reboot

Relax, Relate and Release! Sundays are days used to reboot before Monday’s grind. To ensure an efficient work week you can began with preparation. Write down your priorities on Sunday morning and create your agenda/content for the upcoming week to allow you to address these priorities precisely. Doing this will allow your week to flow.

And let’s not forget about health….Sundays are also used for self-care.

  • Reward Yourself with a Delicious Brunch
  • Bubble Bath
  • Power Nap
  • Read a Good Book to Innovate your Mind
  • Allocate “Me” Time

Finding ways to love YOURSELF is so important. We are our greatest critics…..we have to remind ourselves our perfection is defined by who we are, but not defined by someone else’s artistry (No Comparisons). #SelfCareSundays #GetReadyforMonday

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